Our history

J.Charpentier: more than initials, a destiny

It was in Perpignan that the Maison J.Charpentier opened its doors in 1698. For nearly 3 centuries, the factory influenced the local jewelry market. Creations with French and Spanish inspirations, mixing gold and garnet.

The House made its reputation through its mastery of jewelry and goldsmithing, which has nothing to envy to the great Parisian workshops. It owes its success to its family spirit, to its artistic entourage and to the love of its origins which shines through in its collections, its signature and the materials chosen.

3 generations (of J. Charpentier: Jean, Jacques, Joseph) succeeded each other before the workshop sadly closed its doors in 1965, for a reason resolutely from another time: the heiresses of the House, Madeleine and Jeanne are women. An unthinkable succession at that time when the profession of foreman was considered purely masculine, by its technique and its rigour.

Never mind, in 2022, 325 years after its creation, Joseph becomes Jeanne.
Jeanne, the one who has never let her life be dictated, defies fate. A lifelong transmitter of family history, Jeanne takes it to heart, every Christmas, to pass on the relics that she has preciously preserved: rings, necklaces and brooches are found at the foot of the tree for her granddaughters, already impatient to continue the adventure in turn.
The magic of transmission operates, the writing of a new chapter begins: the pen is now held by female hands, those of Clémence, one of her granddaughters.

The Maison Jeanne Charpentier today:

The company is now based in Paris and divides its production between the capital and the sunny cradle of its creation, Perpignan.

The pieces are made in small workshops, exclusively French; the origin of the raw materials, for its part, is controlled.

Jeanne Charpentier is a reasoned and responsible manufacturing that pays tribute to the highest level of jewelry quality, craftsmanship and ethics of which the designer is proud.