About the founder

35 years old, insatiably curious, Clémence is one of those women who are stimulated by challenges. Working (very) seriously without taking yourself seriously, with pleasure, conviction, intuition, is essential to her.

Passionate about biology, after a PharmD and a Master's degree in marketing, she spent 12 years in a large company. Then, nourished by the emulation of teamwork and the many challenges encountered, Clémence has the tools and the confidence necessary to achieve what she has always wanted: to write her own adventure.

Considering her family history, the project takes shape with natural evidence: Clémence will revive the family jewelry adventure, put on hold for a few decades.

In her hands, "Joseph" becomes "Jeanne" and J.Charpentier jewelry House opens a new chapter in its history under the name "Jeanne Charpentier", a tribute to her grandmother.

Because the J. Charpentier jewelry House had sadly closed its doors in 1965, for a reason from another time: the heiresses of the House, Madeleine and Jeanne were women.

A family history smuggler for a long time, Jeanne consciously took the habit, every Christmas, to pass on the preciously preserved relics: rings, necklaces, brooches are found at the foot of the tree for her granddaughters, already impatient to continue the journey. and amazed by these wonders of jewelery craftsmanship.

If Jeanne is no longer with us to contemplate the revival of the House, each jewel, named after her daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters, is a dedication to her History, her roots, this Patrimony that she managed to preserve and share so well.