The Jeanne Charpentier experience

Between France and Spain, bordered by the Mediterranean and drowned in sunshine, resort of flamboyant artists and place of extraction of gold and garnets, "Perpignan la Catalane" lives in the colors "blood and gold", and her jewelry too.

Jeanne Charpentier House reinvents these codes without denying them: color remains a central and essential component, the materials are natural and precious, and our rings, brooches, pendants and earrings are reinterpretations, adaptations of iconic models given to the taste of the day and adapted to everyday use. Each piece in the Jeanne Charpentier collection is thus rooted in the heritage of the family business.

To remain faithful to the identity of Maison Charpentier and to the 3 centuries of creation that precede us, we have chosen a few strong choices:

  • with us, no diamonds, emeralds, navy blue sapphires... we only use stones with solar colors that go well with our garnets: citrine, amethysts, quartz, tourmaline for example.
  • our stones are all natural
  • they are cut in cabochons or in rose cut, the main cuts of the Maison's antique jewellery.

Clémence provides artistic direction and embodies the company in its development. A company on a human scale, close to its know-how.
The sale is now intended to be confidential, personalized and warm, led by encounters: showrooms, pop-up stores, jewelry cafés follow one another to show and get to know these treasures of fine jewelry.