Our packaging

Our production approach is local, with 100% of our jewelry workshops in France, in Perpignan or Paris.

Jewelery packaging can have a considerable ecological impact, and not taking this into account would have been a lack of consistency.

Avoid imitation leather and other plastic derivatives, do not order cheap boxes/cases/cases/cardboards/bags arriving from the other side of the planet by boat, to end up in your garbage cans (since they rarely make you want to be preserved)... were 2 imperatives for us.

This is why we have chosen to replace the classic packaging with a vintage case full of common sense, as a nod to the historical heritage of the House.

Your jewelry is thus delivered in a traditional "jewelry roll". Ours are sewn in cotton & linen, and embroidered with cotton thread, in a very small workshop next to Paris. This roll protects your jewelry, and is part of a sustainable approach since we make it with 2 storage pockets, and a braid for attaching brooches & earrings, so that it can be useful to you on a daily basis, on the go. home like to travel.

In order to protect it from possible shocks and weather conditions during transport, this case is itself slipped into a French paper box, made in the Vosges in a family business. We wanted this box to be as beautiful and simple as possible, and foldable for flat storage, so you can keep it and reuse it on other occasions.