Our values

Jeanne Charpentier jewelery sparkles in contact with the sun… the Spanish scent associated with Parisian chic.

Color is a central and essential component. Under the fine and delicate features of the creations, it brings power and character, a contemplative and comforting depth. The prerogative of a modern, joyful, warm, very lively femininity.

For all those who choose to buy with conviction and awareness, pleasure and intuition, but above all for themselves. They are totem jewels of love and respect that we wear, they are tinged with feminism. They carry the soul of the stones and the craftsmen who shape them, as well as
the entire heritage of a century-old know-how.

Because Jeanne Charpentier jewels are above all designed to be worn on a daily basis: they should not be a straitjacket, a limit, marked by rigidity or precautions; they must embrace all lifestyles with fluidity.

Our creations with a slightly old-fashioned but resolutely timeless charm, are all about authenticity, noble materials and exceptional crafting techniques. Gold mingles with fine stones and marries their simplicity and finesse to perfection.

Your jewelry will be made exclusively in France, by our craftsmen, to order; for a unique experience and a sincere eco-responsible commitment, making it possible to limit overproduction and enhance local communities.

Jeanne Charpentier wants to be a warm, family-run jewelry house, combining craftsmanship and neat local work, beauty of the pieces, consistency and responsibility for our production methods and all of our customer experience.