Know your jewelry size

You have a doubt about your ring size and prefer to make sure before placing an order?

Nothing could be more normal, and nothing easier:

Take a strip of paper or a length of string,

Circle the finger on which you want to wear the ring, not squeezing too much (you must be able to put on and take off the ring, but also wear it comfortably), not too tightly (if the string slips, the ring will slip) and mark the exact portion of string or paper that wraps around your finger.

Measure the precise length of this portion using a ruler or tape measure.

Refer to the table below to identify the ring size closest to your measurement.

Size 48 = 48 to 49.9mm finger circumference

Size 50 = 50 to 51.9mm finger circumference

Size 52 = 52 to 53.9mm finger circumference

Size 54 = 54 to 55.9mm finger circumference.


Do you have any doubts about the chain length that would suit you best, before placing an order?

The length of your chain will mainly influence the style of your necklace.

Cut a length of string corresponding to each length of chain, and observe if you prefer a pendant falling more or less low.

A 40cm length will generally be crew neck,

a length of 45cm will rather position your pendant in the hollow of the neckline,

lengths of 50, 55 or 60cm will have a more or less jumper effect.

If you want to wear your necklaces in accumulation, multiply the different lengths so that your pendants are highlighted and test different harmonies.