la Maison J.Charpentier - Origines

Maison J.Charpentier - Origins

1690, Jean Charpentier leaves Agen for Perpignan, where, thanks to the recent attachment of the region to France, a royal edict gives him access to a position as a goldsmith-jeweller, in return for his installation in the city.

He established the Maison J.Charpentier there, which was then passed on from father to son: Jacques, Jean, then several Josephs succeeded each other, up to Jeanne & her sister Madeleine, a generation without brothers or husbands who took over. In the 1960s, the role of jewelery workshop manager remained reserved for men, and the House closed its doors.

Today, Joseph finally becomes Jeanne, and J. Charpentier opens a new chapter in its history.

During its 3 centuries of creation and manufacture of goldsmithery and jewelry, the identity of Maison J. Charpentier has been built around the love of its origins, which is reflected in its collections, its signature and the materials chosen.
Border of France and Spain, bordered by the Mediterranean and drowned in sunshine, resort of flamboyant artists, and place of extractions of gold and garnets, Catalonia lives in the colors "blood and gold", and her jewelry too.

Maison Jeanne Charpentier reinvents these codes without denying them:
color remains a central and essential component, the materials are natural and precious, and our rings, brooches, pendants and earrings are reinterpretations, adaptations of iconic models brought up to date and used in everyday life.

(File photo - Atelier J. Charpentier, Perpignan)
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